To every single person at Fewcott

I can’t thank you enough for making mum so happy and relaxed during this illness.

We are finding it very hard as a family seeing how it is taking over mum’s body. Only last year mum was driving, working, shopping, spending time with her family and friends, going out for a drink and meals. To see the drastic change in the simple things that have been taken away from mum is upsetting.


You are all looking after her amazingly and you are being so patient. She hates what her life has become now and she always asks ‘What have I done wrong?’ but you are keeping her in good spirits and making sure she is happy and comfortable. She praises all of you. She can’t thank you enough either.

Thank you for seeing mum as ‘Tracey’ and not the illness and I apologise for all the videos she shows you. We like we have gained another family

Lots of love